About Andreea Bostan

Andreea Bostan is a Notary Public and a certified senior linguist in the UK. She speaks 5 languages (Romanian, Moldovan, and French. Italian and Spanish). She has a Msc from Bournemouth University, a Postgraduate degree from London Metropolitan University and Heriott Watt in Edinburgh, to name a few. She is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Linguists and NRPSI. There are a handful of Notaries which are also linguists. Linguist Notaries can be very sought for as they can help you navigate through the maize without the expense of a translator. She specialises in Romanian and French documents and she has knowledge of the legal system in Romania and France.

If a document requiring notarisation is in a foreign language it is usually necessary for the document to be translated by an official legal translator who will then have to sign a statutory declaration certifying that it is a true translation. If however the document is in one of the languages that Andreea Bostan speaks she will be satisfied to fix her seal of office and signature on documents in a foreign language if they are fully satisfied that the person signing is conversant with the language of the document.

Translation and Notary

Andreea is both a Notary Public and a linguist capable of issuing documents in Romanian, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Legalisation for use Abroad

Andreea is able to issue documents for use abroad for a whole range of purposes including weddings and births.

Powers of Attorney

Andreea is able to issue lasting powers of attorney for use all over the world.

Regulatory information

What is a notary Public?

A Notary verifies, authenticates and records deeds, documents and facts for cross-border transactions, performing a vital function in international trade and business. There were notaries in ancient Rome, responsible for recording court proceedings and drawing-up documents.

Why a Notary and not a solicitor?

Notaries form a small, highly specialised branch of the legal profession, whose area of specialisation is the preparation and certification of documents so that they may be used effectively abroad.

A notary acting for a Company

When a Notary Public is acting for a corporate client, evidence of the due incorporation of the company or entity is required.

What identification is required?

Following the implementation of the Money Laundering Regulations 2003, notaries are now obliged to keep sufficient evidence on their files of the identity and the address of all their clients before they undertake any work.

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